Hi, I'm Paul. I am 29 years old and live in San Francisco, California.

I adore systems with simple rules and complex outcomes. Nowadays I'm especially interested in game theory, algorithmic complexity, immunology, and computer-facilitated social interaction.

I'm well-known among my friends for explaining any concept using the Game of Go.

You can learn more about me by looking at the chronological list of projects I've worked on:

Past Projects


Thiel Fellowship Mentor

I was asked to become a Mentor for the Thiel 20-under-20 Fellowship Network, and have given a very well-received talk at the 20-under-20 summit.
Founders 50

In May Peter Thiel invited me to the Founders' Fund F50 conference, an invite-only event that INC called the "most exclusive tech conference ever".



Mobile Payments
Use your phone to pay anyone, for anything, anywhere.


Personalized News Reader
Deck shows you the news you care about. Deck was an attempt to productize new algorithms that beat existing information filters by orders of magnitude. I intend to revisit this project.
Distributed Database Abstraction Layer
High-level abstraction layer for the Cassandra Datastore.
Code on Github


Collaborative Scientific Notebook

Working Proof-of-Concept. "Collaborative Mathematica". Written at the Google Wave Campout in collaboration with Jacob Rus.

Portrait by David Newman
Floating Island
Designed and built the first theme camp for Ephemerisle, the floating festival.


Internet Food Delivery
Started what is now Austria's largest Internet Food Delivery service. Instead of ranking restaurants by stars, Mjam introduced a Quality Rank. Every Order is a vote. The vote of someone who has previously ordered from the competition counts more. Technology has been licensed and is in use in China and Germany.


Started the annual DeepSec computer security conference. Later sold profitable conference to private investors. Still going strong.
YCombinator-inspired Accelerator for Europe
To support the local startup-scene, I convinced local businessmen to help start Europe's first YCombinator-like accelerator. While the endeavour ultimately didn't work out, at least two startups funded through YEurope are still around: Soup.IO and Efficient Cloud.


Started Hackerspace

Metalab is an innovation center/hackerspace in Vienna operated by 160+ paying members. It has inspired the formation of numerous other hackerspaces around the world. Read More

Security Talks
Secure Software Talks & Trainings

Invited Speaker at Blackhat Las Vegas, Blackhat Japan, Bellua CyberSecurity Jakarta, Hack in the Box Kuala Lumpur, InfoSecurity Milan.

Spread the Hackerspaces Idea

Started Hackerspaces.org and promoted the idea of starting hackerspaces. Hundreds of Hackerspaces have been started since.


Future of Networks
The Future of Networks
Talk about the future of consumer internet usage. Tells the history of human communication from semaphores to social software. German Slides
Userspace TCP/IP Stack

A userspace python TCP/IP Stack I wrote in 2005 as a basis for developing network security tools.

Link to talk
Link to code.
Encrypting Mailinglist Manager
Minimalist Mailinglist Manager that GPG reencrypts email for each recipient.
Adventure Game Engine
When I was eight, I started programming so that I could write 2D Adventure Games like Zak McKracken. When I finally wrote a decent engine in 2005, I felt closure, but realized I'd become more excited about stuff other than games. Sorry, eight-year-old-self!
Python Plazes Client
Before Twitter and Foursquare, there was Plazes. It used WLAN information to locate you. I've written the python client. Source available here.


Quantum Cryptography
Quantum Cryptography Protocol
Invented a more efficient and secure Quantum Cryptography Protocol. Defends against attacks published in 2011.
Vienna Cybernetic Circle
Founded club of local system and game theory thinkers. Published Blog and gathered group that later went on to build Metalab.


Teso Security
Computer Security Group
Started one of the most influential security groups of the 90s.
ADM and TESO made almost inappropriately large spashes in the community when they were active. Almost all their exploits were beyond the standard, and at times it seemed they were the ones finding all the new bug-classes.
—Dave Aitel, CEO and Founder of Immunity, Inc.