The Wishes of an Old Man

Enki 1/24/2012

This was a post I wrote on my 29th birthday

I'd like to thank all of you that have at times walked with me as a friend, besides me as a partner, behind me in support, or in front of me as someone leaving footsteps that I one day hope to fill. Whether now, in the past, or in the future!

I'm tremendously grateful to have met, spent time with, conversed and played with all of you, the amazing people that have inspired me and shaped me in every way, and that despite their usually good judgement of character, have allowed me to call them friends throughout parts of a twenty-nine year long voyage, both back in Europe where I was born, and in my new chosen home near the bay, where i now reside.

I feel, and know, and believe from within the deepest of my heart that that many of you can and will achieve monumental things within your lifetimes. Some of you already have. And I know you will do it again! Keep swimming against the stream, no matter how hard it is at times, and you will achieve the happiness that can grow only from the truth of honest work. Work well done is its own reward, and there is nothing else that comes close.

But let's avoid getting lost, absorbed by the gentle rhythm of our own strokes, while swimming against the stream, pursuing our own goals, oblivious to where we're all going. Let's remind ourselves, and those dear to us, daily that we're all living in pivotal times, where civilization is just at the brink of finally awakening. Amazing times could be ahead. It's so tempting, you want to grasp it. But at this point it could still all go away.

None of us, no matter how important our projects are, can make this future happen alone. Technology is just a tool. Thus let's look around us for means to set others free. Many can't yet fulfill their potential for what amounts to trivial reasons. We're all caught up in our own private pursuits of parts of the puzzle, but on some level, we need to find ways to enable others. Empowering others to empower others can be the most powerful of actions and chain reactions. Give someone a chance and see if you can set them free. And with that I share with you my resolution for the last year of my twenties, and hopefully for years beyond: Take more time to enable others to enable others.

Let me know if I can help you achieve your dreams and set your free, and I'll try my best! Thank you for being my friends!